7 Tips On How To Keep Your Teeth White

teeth whitening in vancouver by dentist in kitsilano broadway smiles.

Your teeth are often the first impression people have about you. Keeping your teeth white can improve your confidence and help others see you at your best. At Broadway Smiles, we want to ensure that you approach all social situations feeling and looking your best, so we have compiled a few dentist-approved tips to keep your teeth sparkling white.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

This is the first tip you should always consider when starting a journey towards whiter teeth. Practicing good oral hygiene includes brushing twice a day, flossing, cleaning your tongue, and using mouthwash… All of these components have proven to aid in a whiter smile.

Avoid Stain Causing Food And Drinks

wine is a food that stains your teeth. practice good teeth whitening techniques with the advice of your local kitsilano vancouver dentist broadway smiles.

Unfortunately, some of the best foods and drinks can be the culprits behind stains and buildup. Things like coffee, wine, berries, and other colorful foods will all contribute to stains on your teeth. Obviously eliminating these out of your diet completely is not always possible, so just make sure to rinse your mouth with water after consuming any of these to lessen the effects of teeth staining.

Use A Whitening Toothpaste

Although this is sometimes the first thing people consider when trying to whiten their teeth, not all whitening toothpaste are the same. Some brands offer additional benefits and are more recommended by dentists. Your local Kitsilano dentist, Broadway Smiles, is happy to recommend brands that have worked for us!

Use A Straw

With summer around the corner, consider using a straw when enjoying a soft drink or wine. Sipping through a straw will reduce the amount of contact these substances have on your teeth. There are many eco-friendly straw options available when you are ready to make that lifestyle change!

Eat Foods That Help Whiten Your Teeth 

You will often hear talk about foods that stain your teeth, but what about foods that whiten your teeth? Yes, this is a real thing! Crunchy fruits and vegetables aid in the production of saliva and play a huge role in keeping your teeth fresh and protected from staining.

Avoid Damaging Teeth While Brushing

good brushing habits will help with teeth whitening. advice provided by broadway smiles, your local vancouver kitsilano dental clinic.

When the enamel on your teeth wears out, your teeth become more susceptible to staining. By practicing good brushing techniques, your enamel stays protected and strong. Talk to your dentist if you feel like you may need support with learning correct brushing techniques. Broadway Smiles can also help recommend good toothbrushes for your specific oral care needs.

Attend Regular Teeth Cleaning Appointments

A dentist has special tools that can help clean and maintain your teeth better than you might be able to do at home. Attending regular cleanings can make a huge difference in the brilliance of your smile. Opting for the polishing service at your hygiene appointment will help remove stains from your teeth.

If you wish your smile was brighter, and want to know about whitening options, contact our office to book a consultation today!