Back To School Teeth Tips For Parents

Back To School Teeth Tips For Parents

With the return of the school year, it is time to begin prepping for your little ones’ year ahead. Between school supply shopping and hitting the beach for one last adventure, it can be easy to miss some of the essentials. Here are some tips to ensure that your child stays smiling throughout the year and stays on top of their oral hygiene.

Book Early

August and September are busy months for most dental offices. It can be easy to miss out on those routine checkups throughout the summer but booking for the end of August or early September can allow you to enjoy your summer knowing that you will have an appointment waiting for you. Book it in advance and set a reminder on your phone so you know you won’t miss out!

Replace Your Child’s Toothbrush

Most toothbrushes have a life of about 3 months before they start fraying. It is likely that your child’s current toothbrush is either expired or close to it. Add toothbrushes to your school supply list so that you don’t forget to pick one up the next time you’re at the store. We also recommend having some fun and letting your child pick a good quality toothbrush with their favourite colour or graphic. Letting your kid get excited about brushing is the first step to a healthy smile.

Pack healthy lunches

The food we consume has a huge impact on our teeth. Sugary and acidic foods can have detrimental impacts on your kids’ teeth and making sure that they are eating healthy and clean foods can go a long way when considering oral health. With the new school year ahead, it might be a good time to commit to healthier lunches with fewer sugars and preservatives. Your kids will thank you later!

Get fitted for a mouthguard

Most sports require the use of mouthguards and having one pre-fitted can save you a whirlwind of headaches in case of a small accident. Chipped teeth don’t look great in school photos and with a good mouthguard, you can save your kid’s teeth (and their reputation in class) from damage. 

For more tips and to have your kid smiling their best, visit us at Broadway Smiles. We offer a wide range of services including regular cleanings, preventive checkups, and sports mouth guard fittings. Contact us to learn more.