Best Tooth Brushes To Buy And Why

vancouver best dentist provides answer to which tooth brushes are the best ones to buy.

With so many toothbrush options, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. Everyone’s teeth and gums require unique attention so here are a few questions you can ask yourself when you’re buying your next brush.

Should I Go Electric?

When it comes to electric toothbrushes, there isn’t much offered that cannot be achieved with a regular toothbrush in terms of the overall quality of the cleaning. It is important to be careful with marketing techniques that will convince you otherwise. What an electric toothbrush DOES offer you is a technology that makes it easier to brush, and timer settings to tell you when to stop brushing. If you feel like you dread the process twice a day and manually brushing back and forth is draining. Or if you feel like you can never really gauge how long you’ve been brushing for and want to start tracking that better. This is when you need to start considering going electric.

softer bristles are better for brushing. advice provided by vancouver dentist broadway smiles.

Soft, Medium, Or Hard Bristle?

Whether you’re using manual or electric, you should have the option to choose between the firmness of the bristles. While this can be up to preference, it is important to consult a dentist about which one is right for your gums. We provide soft or extra soft bristled toothbrushes to our patients in the goody bags they receive after their hygiene appointments. Soft bristles are tender to the gums and can efficiently remove debris from teeth.

Does The Shape Of The Toothbrush Matter?

The shape of your toothbrush can alter the way that you choose to brush your teeth. A round-shaped head on an electric brush will make it extremely easy to reach those difficult spots like behind your molars, and between the crevices of your teeth. Long heads clean several teeth at once and are great for people with good technique. While it is mostly up to preference, it is best to experiment with both to see if one feels more natural to you.

You can ask your local Kitsilano dentist, Broadway Smiles, about good brushing techniques on your next visit. Book your checkup and cleaning today!