Everything You Need To Know About Dental Sealants

dental sealants

Did you know that your teeth have natural nooks and crannies where food and bacteria love to hide? Brushing and flossing can often reach these spots, but sometimes, they’re too deep to clean properly. That’s where dental sealants come in! They offer an extra layer of protection against tooth decay.

What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are thin, protective coatings that we apply to the chewing surfaces of your back teeth – the molars and premolars. They’re made of a plastic material that bonds into the depressions and grooves of your teeth, forming a protective shield over the enamel.

Why Are Sealants Important?

Sealants act like raincoats for your teeth. When the cavity-causing bacteria that live in everyone’s mouth meet leftover food particles, they produce acids that can create holes in the teeth. These holes are cavities. After sealant has been applied it keeps those bits of food out and stops bacteria and acid from settling on your teeth—just like a raincoat keeps you clean and dry during a storm.

Who Can Get Sealants?

While both children and adults can benefit from sealants, the earlier you get them, the better. The first set of permanent molars usually erupts around age 6, and the second set comes in around age 12. Sealing these teeth as soon as they come in can keep them cavity-free from the start, saving time, and money in the long run.

How are Sealants Applied?

The process is quick and painless. First, the teeth that are to be sealed are thoroughly cleaned. Each tooth is then dried, and a solution is put on the chewing surfaces to help the sealant bond to the teeth. The teeth are then rinsed and dried again. Finally, the sealant is painted on the tooth enamel, where it bonds directly to the tooth and hardens. A special curing light may be used to help the sealant harden.

The Broadway Smiles Promise

At Broadway Smiles, we want to help you keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright for a lifetime. Dental sealants are just one of the many preventive measures we offer. If you have questions about dental sealants or any other aspect of your oral health, we’re here to help. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and get your smile healthy and bright.