How to Care For Your New Smile After Invisalign Treatment

How to properly care for your teeth post invisalign.

Embarking on an Invisalign journey can transform your smile, but what happens after the aligners come off? At Broadway Smiles, we’re dedicated to helping you preserve that beautifully aligned smile long after your Invisalign treatment is complete.

Post-Invisalign Treatment Care Once you’ve achieved your dream smile with Invisalign, it’s crucial to understand how to maintain it. Our experts at Broadway Smiles will walk you through every step, focusing on post-treatment care. The most crucial element here is the consistent use of retainers, as recommended by our specialists, to ensure your teeth stay in their new, straight position.

Choosing the Right Retainers At Broadway Smiles, we offer custom-made Invisalign retainers, tailored using state-of-the-art digital technology and made from safe, transparent, BPA-free plastic. These retainers are designed for comfort and ease of use. If you’re looking for a more permanent option, we also have fixed retainers that attach discreetly to the inside of your front teeth. Whichever type you choose, consistent wear is essential to prevent your teeth from shifting back.

The Role of Retainers in Maintaining Your Smile Why are retainers a must after Invisalign? The process of moving your teeth affects the surrounding bone and tissue. After straightening, these areas need time to stabilize, which could take over a year, particularly if your treatment involved closing large gaps. Skipping retainers as advised by our team can lead to your teeth gradually moving back to their original positions.

Long-Term Commitment to Retainer Use At Broadway Smiles, we recommend the long-term, possibly lifelong, use of removable retainers, typically worn overnight. This practice helps in countering any age-related shifts in your teeth.

Routine Post-Invisalign Check-Ups Following your Invisalign treatment, it’s important to wear your retainers full-time, transitioning to nighttime or limited daily use only after your dentist confirms that your teeth have stabilized. Regular visits to Broadway Smiles for assessments are vital to ensure your smile remains straight and beautiful.

In conclusion, caring for your new smile after Invisalign treatment is a commitment to lifelong oral health and aesthetics. At Broadway Smiles, we’re ready to provide you with the personalized retainers and guidance needed to keep your smile perfect. Contact us today to learn more about post-Invisalign care and to continue your journey towards a lasting, beautiful smile.