Dental Crowns and Bridges

Tooth Bridges

Fabricating a dental bridge is a solution to replace missing teeth. A missing space that is surrounded by healthy neighboring teeth can easily be managed with a fixed restoration. With the help of our dental labs, we can achieve an esthetic and durable restoration.

Tooth Crowns

A dental crown is a prosthetic solution for teeth that are heavily damaged. Teeth that suffered a trauma, have cracks or extensive decay need to be restored with a strong and durable restoration. Fitting a tooth with a crown will rebuild the structure of the tooth and prevent it from further damage. The crown will be manufactured by a dental laboratory from durable material.

Restoring a tooth with a crown is a two visit pain-free procedure. Crowns can be delivered as soon as 24 hours. Patients have the option of choosing from a tooth-coloured material or a precious gold alloy.

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