Understanding Gingivitis: The Basics of Gum Disease and How to Prevent It

How to prevent gingivitis in Vancouver.

Gingivitis or gum disease is a common oral health problem that affects 7 out of 10 Canadians at some point in their lives. This condition can cause discomfort, sensitivity, halitosis and even lead to tooth loss if left untreated. At Broadway Smiles, we understand the importance of healthy gums, which is why we offer comprehensive oral hygiene care to our patients in Vancouver. Here are some frequently asked questions about gingivitis to help you understand the basics of gum disease and how to prevent it.

What Is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis refers to the inflammation of the gums caused by plaque and tartar buildup that irritates the edge of your gums. The good news is that gingivitis is reversible and can be treated with proper care and a good oral hygiene routine.

What Causes Gum Disease?

Plaque and tartar buildup that rests on and in between teeth can cause gum disease. If left untreated, a bacterial infection can result and create bigger issues.

How Can I Tell If I Have Gingivitis?

Depending on your mouth, gums may appear puffy or red, and you may notice bleeding when you brush your teeth, or even during eating. Some people don’t notice symptoms, as they can be subtle. Any change in the size or color of your gums, sensitivity, or traces of blood on your toothbrush may indicate gingivitis. Visit Broadway Smiles to determine if you have gum disease and the degree to which it has progressed.

What Are The Side Effects?

Many people with gingivitis do not experience any discomfort, but if the condition is left untreated, it can lead to infection of the underlying bone tissue causing a pocket. This may even progress toooth loss. The appearance of your gums, which may look irritated and inflamed, is the most common side-effect of early gum disease.

How Can I Prevent Gum Disease?

Prevention is the best method to deal with gingivitis. Brush your teeth and tongue twice daily, and floss each and every day to remove the buildup of plaque that causes problems. Visiting Broadway Smiles for regular teeth cleaning and checkups will help catch early signs of gum disease and start you off with an oral hygiene routine suited to the unique needs of your teeth.

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