What Is A Pediatric Dentist

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Baby teeth start erupting in children as young as 4 months old. Even with great oral care, some baby teeth might get decayed and cavities may develop. Our general dentists are capable of diagnosing these cavities, but in some circumstances, treating them becomes challenging. For instance, in very young children, children that are very active, and children that are very afraid of the dental clinic setting. Children that are apprehensive in the dental chair or need extensive dental treatment may not be able to sit through a dental appointment. 

For those challenging cases, your dentist may refer your little one to a pediatric dentist. A pediatric dentist works in a facility that is catered to young children and teens. They are skilled in doing all the necessary treatments from fillings, and pulpotomies, and by applying stainless steel crowns on teeth that have been too damaged from decay.

Pediatric dentists are also capable of sedating children in a safe manner to conduct any treatment the child needs in one session. A pediatric dentist has the proper equipment and systems in place to deliver the proper treatment.

What Kind Of Training Do Pediatric Dentists Recieve?

On top of the general dental training, all dentists receive, a pediatric dentist receives two to three additional years of specialized residency training on infants, children, teens, and infants with special needs.

At Broadway Smiles, we are committed to making you and your little one feel comfortable during your visit. That is why we recommend your child at an early age to come to visit the clinic and meet our dentists when they have no dental concerns. This way they will build that trust and gain comfort in the dental clinic setting.

Book an appointment today and we would love to see you and your little one leave with a brighter smile!