Why Are Dental X-Rays Important

Why Xrays are important for teeth whitening in Vancouver. Broadway Smiles Dentist in Vancouver is pictured holding xrays.

Regular dental check-ups are important for maintaining your oral health, but they may not always detect underlying dental issues. This is where dental X-rays come into play. They allow your dentist to see what is happening beneath the surface of your teeth and gums.

What Can X-rays Reveal?

Dental X-rays reveal a lot more than just cavities. They allow your dentist to see:

  • Early signs of periodontal disease or infections
  • Decay beneath fillings that may go unnoticed
  • Bone loss associated with disease
  • Tartar and decay between crowded teeth
  • Signs of tumors or cysts that may not be visible during an oral exam
  • In addition, X-rays are useful in monitoring the growth of permanent teeth in children and the eruption of wisdom teeth in adults.

Are Dental X-rays Safe?

Yes! Modern technology has significantly reduced radiation exposure during X-rays to negligible levels. Moreover, many dental offices now use digital X-rays, which further minimize exposure. You have nothing to worry about when getting an X-ray.

How Often Are X-rays Needed?

The frequency of X-rays will depend on your unique oral health needs. Your dentist will evaluate your case and recommend when X-rays are needed. However, for otherwise healthy patients, it’s typically recommended to have them performed every two years. New patients will often have X-rays taken in order to get a comprehensive picture of their oral health.

Broadway Smiles offers digital X-ray technology to make the process safer, healthier and more pleasant for you. Our dental clinic in Vancouver is always delighted to welcome new patients. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or a checkup and learn more about dental X-rays.