Why Regular Dental Appointments Are Necessary

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Dental checkups that are just as important for your overall health as physical checkups. Most dental issues can be completely avoided by having regular dental checkups every six months. Being able to isolate these smaller issues can drastically improve your overall oral health, leave you with a happy smile, and have less chance for extensive dental treatments.

A dental visit normally consists of deep teeth cleaning by the hygienist, examination by a dentist, and a preventive x-ray. These three simple components can efficiently maintain your smile and allow you to feel your most confident about your oral health, while also preventing serious issues.


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Brushing and flossing daily is only the first step to ensuring good oral health. Despite brushing and flossing daily, plaque buildup can still occur. As the plaque hardens and turns into calculus, your local hygienist can help you get those tough to reach spots. Having a dental appointment every six months can help prevent the need for cavity fillings. Who wouldn’t want to trade a regular cleaning for that dreaded cavity filling appointment?


Your dentist is well equipped to handle and identify any emerging issues. Due to the lack of visibility in your own mouth, it might be hard for you to identify an issue before it becomes more serious. Having frequent dental cleanings will allow your dentist to inform you about any causes for concern and can significantly reduce the likelihood of needing more serious procedures done.

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Radiographs are a key component in preventive dentistry. Taking X-rays can help the dentist diagnose early manifestations of tooth decay or intense gum disease. It isn’t necessary at every visit and the frequency in which the X-ray is prescribed depends on your caries or gum disease risk

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