Make Brushing Teeth Fun For Kids (5 Tips)

teaching kids how to brush. Advice by broadway smiles dental clinic. Vancouver's best dentists.

Many of us remember hating brushing our teeth as kids. Whether it was the taste of minty toothpaste hitting your teeth first thing in the morning or the feel of hard bristles rubbing against our gums, we can all sympathize to a certain degree. Here are some ways you can make brushing teeth fun for kids:

1. Let Your Kid Pick Their Own Toothpaste And Toothbrush

There is no better feeling as a kid than getting to do what adults do. Picking out their supplies for them can often ruin their excitement on the matter. Taking your kid to the store and allowing them to browse around for their favorite style of toothbrush, and then letting them pick whatever toothpaste they want can be a great way to engage them.

2. Get A Timer To Keep In The Bathroom

A very common reason younger folk get cavities is that they are not brushing their teeth for long enough. Kids will often brush once-over and then call it a night. A quick brush is not thorough enough to clear all the buildup throughout the day and can lead to severe dental issues from a young age. Having a fun timer in the bathroom can be another engaging way to put your child’s dental health in their own hands. Some parents have used fancy hourglasses, while others have chosen timers with funny sounds at the end. Find out what works for your kid, or even let them pick out their own timer on Amazon.

Family brushing teeth together. Advice given by vancouver's best dentist broadway smiles.

3. Make It A Family Affair

Your children are sponges, and they absorb whatever is happening closest to them. Making brushing every morning and night as a family activity is a great way to lead by example and help them learn from the best! Your child is always looking to you to learn how to do anything, and brushing is no different. If your kid sees you brushing and flossing every day, they will naturally try and replicate that behavior. Monkey see, monkey do, after all!

4. Find Fun Oral Health Education Resources

There are tons of great resources on Youtube and other websites for kids. If your kid loves using the iPad to watch videos, throw a fun oral health cartoon in that playlist once in a while to teach them about proper oral health. Videos like this can be fun and educational at the same time.

5. Make A Trip To The Dentist A Special Occasion

You can make almost anything fun for kids by simply taking them for ice cream after. A kid can forget almost anything minorly traumatic with a simple reward for their bravery. This allows kids to realize that most things that are difficult or scary, can also be very rewarding. Try making a tradition with your kid. Something as simple as going for ice cream, or taking them to the park after a dental appointment can be incredibly positive for kids and can form a lifelong passion for their own dental health.

We understand that the dentist can be scary for kids, mostly because of the way dentists are portrayed in movies and TV shows, however, most dentists are extremely friendly and great with children. Here at Broadway Smiles, we love doing our best to make kids feel comfortable so they are confident about the support they receive at the dentist. Book an appointment today and come discuss ways we can help you and your family achieve the dental health results you are looking for and remind us to give you a children’s toothbrush and toothpaste before you leave!